Our Sectors


Kreston knows the retail industry inside out. online activity is increasingly important, and there is growing pressure to trade internationally in order to deliver growth and combat rising costs.

Tech and Life Science

The technology and telecommunications, media and life sciences sector is fast-paced. Kreston has and in-depth understanding of the ever-changing trends and issues facing the industry.

Professional Services Firms

Kreston works with a broad range of professional services providers, including engineering firms, architects, real estate businesses etc.

Charity, Not For Profit and Education

Kreston has a strong tradition of providing outstanding, high-quality sevices to the charity, not-for-profit and education sectors.

Public Sector

Kreston has a significant experience working with clients in central and local government, public health, education, public utilities and social housing, in all parts of the world.


Kreston has a wealth of experience assisting sport bodies, clubs and professionals with their accounting requirements, ensuring that their financial affairs are dealt wih in a tax-efficient.


Many businesses are leveraging the cost advantages of manufacturing in the emerging economies of South East Asia, India, Brazil and Central and Eastern Europe.

Travel, Hospitality and Leisure

With ever -changing customer demands, firms in the travel, hospitality and leisure industries must be totally focused on their business.

Real Estate & Construction

Operating a successful business means dealing with today’s economic conditions, such as rising costs, competition, changing regulations and labour issues.

Medical & Healthcare

Some Kreston firms include healthcare management consultants who are committed to the needs of their growing clients in an increasingly regulated and competitive healthcare market.

Agriculture Sector

Market demands and global competition have led to more sophisticated working methods in the agricultural sector, with highly specialized crop and livestock farming becoming the norm.

Don’t you find your sector?

We can help you. Kreston has years of experience working in different sectors; we understand that each client’s business is unique. We can provide a seamless service wherever you need us.


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